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Everchanging creators of change…

There is not a single particle on this earth that is NOT CHANGING.

Also, there is not a single particle on this earth that is not CREATING change.

From a pen or a pencil to a piece of paper… or a wood chip in the playground or a massive thing like a volcano…. EVERYTHING….. “IMAGINE THAT”…. EVERY SINGLE THING …. is a CHANGE AGENT and also EVERCHANGING….

We don’t realize the POWER that we have to CREATE change…

We can give birth to things…. nourish them…and let them go into an unknown zone… (That we call death)…

There is not a single grain of sand that in NOT touched by change or is not CREATING change….

If we think the non living things (such as a photo frame) are not creating change…. Wait till you realize that it’s creating invisible changes in our minds….

When we look at things…. our thoughts may change….

Each thread…. each bubble… each grain of rice…. each seen and unseen thing… is an agent of change….

Next time…. when you are working on something/changing something….  REALIZE the power that God has given you….. to CREATE, NOURISH And even DESTROY things….

From the moment something or someone is born….. till the moment they perish…. They are everchanging and also CREATING change….

There are change agents for change agents and change agents for even those change agents…. If that makes sense! 🙂

If you think there is even a single grain of sand, that can remain untouched by CHANGE…. you are mistaken….

No matter whether something has been hiding in a pit for thousands/millions of years….. or if something has just been created….. It is PRONE to the EFFECTS of change….

Have you ever seen your eyelashes fall on your cheeks…. When we were kids…we would keep them on our fist….make a wish and then blow them away….

Even these tiny eye lashes are prone to CHANGE….

CHANGE is not just ….a change…. it’s a LIFECYCLE… of CREATION…. MANIFESTATION…. and DESTRUCTION….

No one can ever record the intensity of CHANGE that is happening on our EARTH…!

No one can ever realize how powerful they are by having the power to CREATE change….

Imagine you are driving your car… an eyelash can fall into your eye and you can even run into an accident…. Can you imagine that? ….

We CARRY With us …..WITHIN US…. Our own attributes of change… of life….and of death….

Who can kill us? ….Except the one and only GOD…


Live and let live….. Enjoy the change….. When you create something…. Be proud of it…. VALUE YOUR POWER…. Nobody gets it easily…




AND as a last note… On the CONTRARY…… Can YOU try to BE SOMEONE THAT DOES NOT CHANGE??

Sickness as a blessing…

Can sickness ever be a blessing?

When the body is sick, it teaches us a lot of things. It teaches us that we are not permanent, that everything is transient. It teaches us the importance of taking care of our body. It teaches us the feeling of pain. It tells us that we can be dependent on other people many times during our life. It teaches us that we have to LIVE THROUGH the sickness and keep MOVING ON, no matter what.

Everyone falls sick once in a while. It’s like the most common thing in the world! When a family member falls sick, you suddenly realize his/her value or importance. U miss them… care for them more and try to help them in whatever way possible.

Imagine if God gave u a choice to choose your sickness – the type and the time- then what kind of sickness would u choose?

Maybe something that is painless for us and for others. Something that comes at a time when no other family member gets disturbed. Something that teaches a lesson to others and a sickness that just goes away on its own! … Like a miracle! 👍✨💫🌟

Everyone has to fall sick in life. If u don’t fall sick, then how will u realize the worth of this body!

Now, it’s important to fall sick at just the right time, in front of just the right people and get cured in just the right timeframe! Then sickness will also become a blessing! … (A different kind of blessing)

Let’s all pray that if God gives us sickness, he chooses the right time and the right purpose for us to fall sick and also gives us a strength to either come out of the sickness completely or surrender to it until closure. (Whichever way is better for us according to God!)

Life has to go on…. more people have to come into this world… so the older ones have to go! …. This is reality…

When we fall sick, let’s not consider it a curse but rather try to UNDERSTAND the purpose behind it!….

Let’s all sync our happiness and sickness into God’s timelines… then everything would be perfect! …. Even sickness…

Depression can be cured

Today I read the news of a young film star committing suicide at the age of 34. It was very sad and disheartening. He was a rising star and did great performances. He was at the pinnacle of success and fame. Then why did he take this step?

The newspapers say he was suffering from clinical depression, so he died.

I want to say something from the perspective of all those who have suffered from depression at some point in their lives. Depression CAN BE cured. It’s just like any other physical illness and HAS a solution. It’s NOT THE END of the world.

Depression does not lead to DEATH. Uncured or Un-treated depression may lead a person into taking such a big step such as suicide.

It’s high time now… and we all have to remove the Stigma of Mental illnesses. Mental illness is not a curse. It’s something that CAN be treated through therapy, medications or just by counseling. It may take time but it CAN BE treated.

If you even have a slightest hint of going through sadness, depression, anxiety or suspiciousness etc…. It’s important to see a doctor/therapist.

Just like we don’t hesitate from seeing a physician or an orthopedist or any other specialist, people should not hesitate from seeing a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

Brain is the MOST important organ in the human body. It is like the control panel and yet we ignore it! Why? Just because people are worried about what others may think or how they may be perceived?

Why is there so much judgement about patients going to a psychologist? What is wrong in that?

Mental illness is not a crime. But IGNORING the state of mind may be a big mistake!!

Seek help…. reach out to people/specialists who can help. TALK to people who have speciliased in this field.

Open up to friends…. family….

It might just prevent many more suicides in future… it might just help people lead happier and more fulfilling lives!!

It might just HEAL people from INSIDE!!

We are in 2020!!!!! We have to let go all out inhibitions now…. And believe in the field of medical science of the brain….. We have to believe in psychologists and psychiatrists and therapists… They are there for a reason!

In Medical science, there is a quote… Doctors say, “ We treat and he heals” where ‘he’ refers to GOD! The same applies in brain science too… “Psychologists treat but HE HEALS!” … God intervenes in Mental science too…. because God is everywhere…

We have to encourage our next generation to see counselors and therapists even at the slightest hint of depression or sadness…. Sometimes just talking to the doctor like a friend helps!

I wish we can make a difference…. and reduce the number of suicides by encouraging people to see a doctor! It’s ok and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.


UNTREATED depression MAY lead to DEATH.

There is a huge difference!!

Let’s pledge to take care of our minds as much as our bodies!! Minds need a lot of care too…..

LETS HEAL OUR MINDS …. and keep it as our HIGHEST priority!

Let’s believe in the science of the brain! Let’s believe in psychology of the mind and be open minded.

Let’s encourage people to see a brain doctor just like we encourage them to see a bone doctor or a nerve doctor…

Let’s hope we don’t hear of any suicide cases ever again! Let’s cure the illness before it reaches that level.

Let’s all heal each other…

What’s more important than God…..

Imagine that you work in some toy workshop and someone gives you a job to make a toy. You get all the specifications and start working on the toy. You give it a shape, color, all your favorite things and finally you give that toy to someone to play with. The other person is very careless and breaks your toy or bangs it on the wall…..How would you feel then?….

Now, think, If someone gives you a task, to create a new human being from scratch… the eyes, nose, ears, all the various systems… digestive, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems…. all the bones and muscles and neurons and nerves and vessels….and deliver that new being to someone else. The other person again is careless ….and shouts, screams, gets angry at this new human being. Now how would u feel???

That is exactly how God feels when WE get mad at Our children ( Who truly are HIS children)…

God puts in so much effort in creating a child’s sense organs, body parts, sense of feeling, touch etc, HEART with a heartbeat and as soon as that kid comes into this world, we start TRAINING them our own way and we teach them through our anger, stress and frustrations….

No doubt we love them too… but there are times when we get mad at them for no reason…. and the little kids…. their little heart just melts inside… and tears roll out….

Is this how we are supposed to behave with HIS children?

He doesn’t give us a child to boss around at…

He gives us a child to love… to adore… to guide… and to train for this world…

He gives us a child so we learn how to love and believe in the future…

He gives us a child to understand how precious they are… They are like a blank canvas on which you can paint anything…. Good or bad… Whatever you paint…. they will remember….

Ask those who don’t have children…. how much they long and crave for these little beings….

And those who have them… Don’t treat them well sometimes….

Can we not make KIDS our HIGHEST priority….? Not just my kids or your kids but ALL KIDS….

Can we not give them complete attention when they want to talk to us? Can we not trust them and believe in them? Can we not consider them even more important than GOD….

Children are our future…. They are going to build the new world…. They are tomorrow’s leaders….! How can we underestimate their importance? How can we shrug ourselves off our responsibility and just let them be on their own…?

Can we treat them like angels sent by GOD? Can we realize how important it is to teach them the true meaning of love so that they teach others….

Can we not hug them at night for a little longer? Can we not bless them a little more than what we possibly can? Can we not sit with them for hours and hours and just listen to their endless stories?

Are other things really so important that we can ignore our own children?

What’s more important than GOD!? What CAN be more important than GOD? …..

….Children…Who have the purest and cleanest hearts! Who look at everyone with the same set of eyes… who never distinguish…. and just give out pure love to everyone…

Children are God sent… And they are more important than God…