Outdated Education Systems

Today, I am thinking of all the education I received in my life and how much of it was truly “education”…. How much of it really helped me become a better person… a better human being…

It wasn’t all the history lessons in school…. neither were the chemistry formulas or equations… Neither was it the computer science lessons…..

My real education came from many of the failures I encountered in my life…. some of the learning also came from failed relationships and friendships….

The real education came when I realized that all relationships are superficial to some extent and the real true relationship is what you have with your own self!

I also learned when I saw beggars in New York and super duper rich people in many other parts of the world….

I learned through giving…. when I started donating some of my earnings towards a worthy cause… like children education etc.

I learned a whole lot from my daughter who is much younger than me…. I learned to be patient… to support…. I learned to be a parent…

I read a lot about God…. faith…. religion…. and learned that change is the only permanent thing in life! In times of crisis…. like a pandemic…. it’s not religion that will save you but rather science and medicine….

I also believe that prayers do make you stronger…. by generating faith in your mind.

The REAL REAL education came…. from health issues…. when I realized that we are NOTHING… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…. without health….

I realized that the value of life is not learned by competing with one another but by living on your own terms…. and accepting the challenges that life has to offer….

I cherished the value of nature…. of Mother Earth…. of trees…plants….seeds…. greenery…

I learned that love need not be between two people who are married and just staying together…. but it can be between friends…. between a mother and a child…. between any two people….

I realized the value of food and that we should cherish every grain of food that we receive in our plate….

I also learned that money can give only a certain amount of happiness…. and there is absolutely NO USE in comparing one person’s financial status with another….

Kindness is very very important in life…

And while writing all this I feel our education systems need massive changes….

They need to emphasize the value of health…. and life… and time… and so many other valuable things…

Life is not just having a career…. it’s about living a LIFE…. It’s about being ready to face the ups and downs… Whether in career or in Life…

Let’s all try to teach our kids to LIVE… instead of to SUCCEED or to COMPETE!!

Let’s teach them to ENJOY LIFE….

Let’s teach them to CHERISH LIFE…

These are my 2 cents! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Outdated Education Systems

  1. some point is valid… but if schools, colleges if they teach us about that phase of life. we only learn with our own experience that why this is life…

  2. That’s true Eshant … but I feel at the end of each year, schools should have some kind of evaluation to check how the kid is doing on the life front… Is he/she stressed… Does he/she enjoy his/her studies… Is there any kind of pressure on the kid… Are they able to handle everything or do they need any help… Sometimes a listening ear is all the kid needs to grow!

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