Matter Antimatter

I am not a physicist but the matter antimatter asymmetry problem attracts my attention.

Although it is said that the Big Bang resulted in Matter-Antimatter colliding with each other and the collision of the particles led to the asymmetry resulting in Matter existing in our universe, and antimatter vanishing…  I’d like to understand that how matter existing is more than antimatter, when we can’t (I believe we can’t) measure antimatter on any scale.

Is there a way to precisely measure antimatter and keep it on a scale with matter and then decisively conclude that antimatter left is less than matter?

I’ve read that thoughts are also a form on antimatter. Each human produces thousands of thoughts everyday, then how can Matter be more than antimatter?

We may say that Matter is more visible to the naked eye than antimatter but how can we confidently conclude that antimatter in less than Matter when we can’t measure the size of antimatter.

I’d like to ask this question to the fraternity at large…. that please help me understand how to measure antimatter and compare it to Matter.


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