Daily Archives: May 8, 2020

Matter Antimatter

I am not a physicist but the matter antimatter asymmetry problem attracts my attention.

Although it is said that the Big Bang resulted in Matter-Antimatter colliding with each other and the collision of the particles led to the asymmetry resulting in Matter existing in our universe, and antimatter vanishing…  I’d like to understand that how matter existing is more than antimatter, when we can’t (I believe we can’t) measure antimatter on any scale.

Is there a way to precisely measure antimatter and keep it on a scale with matter and then decisively conclude that antimatter left is less than matter?

I’ve read that thoughts are also a form on antimatter. Each human produces thousands of thoughts everyday, then how can Matter be more than antimatter?

We may say that Matter is more visible to the naked eye than antimatter but how can we confidently conclude that antimatter in less than Matter when we can’t measure the size of antimatter.

I’d like to ask this question to the fraternity at large…. that please help me understand how to measure antimatter and compare it to Matter.


The universe… and beyond…

Whenever there is a relationship between two people, it’s not just between what is visible to us but also between what is invisible to us. It’s a soul to soul relationship…. from my soul to your soul…

Each soul is guided by an unknown power that is driving this universe…. which may be called God or any other man made name but there is a power…. It’s like electricity that is running all the people in this world.

Just like electricity makes all the devices work, similarly, this universal power makes everything in the universe work.

This power is present no matter whether we are physically present or not.

I am wondering, if all the physically existing things vanish away one day… This power will still be there… right? But then, what will it run…? …. It will run itself.

The power will continuously run itself. But why???

Why does everything have to move or run or work?… or change? ….

Because if it doesn’t change, it will be dead.

But why does everything have to be alive? Why is earth the only planet where life survives? … Well the scientific reason is because it has an atmosphere…

Why is it that only earth has an atmosphere and no other known planet has an atmosphere?…. The scientific reason is that the gases and the rocks and everything that evolved over time…. created life on EARTH… and only on EARTH…

Is Earth blessed? Why is it that all the events of time, finally aggregated to create Life on this planet. There must have been some reason… And some very BIG Reason…

Does anybody know that reason? … Can anybody know that reason? Is there a need to know that reason?

Below is an image of what Earth looks like from Mars…

Earth from Mars

Astronauts say that the earth hangs like a lonely planet in the big wide space…

It’s like a blue and green marble rotating on its axis among millions of stars and galaxies and this is just what is visible to the scientists…

Nothing… absolutely nothing can move/change without this unknown power.

Nothing can breathe a single breath and nothing can die without this power…

No plant or animal or any tiniest or biggest living being can even move a centimetre without this power.

Once the electricity leaves, nothing can move.

This is the power that is making the sun and moon and the stars move.

This is the power that is pushing everything forward.

This is a Chakra… a wheel… a wheel of time… That is going on and on and on…..

From my soul to your soul…. From the beginning of time… till the end of time… if there is one….

From the non existent to the existent to the going to be existent…

From the dying to the dead to the going to be dead….

Everything works because of this power.

Can this power anytime go off like an electricity power outage?

Can the universe go off one day?

If everything physical in the universe goes away… will the non-physical go away too?

If only space exists….. Can a new universe magically be born into an empty wide space?

I think my imagination doesn’t go any beyond…. So I have to stop now….

Because somethings are beyond what we can imagine/think.

May God bless everyone….