Daily Archives: May 7, 2020

A poem about India


A country where queen Sita was kept in exile,
‘coz her king made a promise to be kept on file,
A country where women are still finding their identity,
But it’s also a place of worship and serenity..

This country has scriptures (Vedas) that are thousands of years old,
But still in child marriages, girls are weighed against gold.

A country where there are many religions and languages,
But there are also many people who struggle on daily wages.

There’s corruption, there’s crime, but hardworking men too,
Rich and poor families, people like me and you!

It has a rich history spanning thousands of civilizations,
People celebrate and rejoice on colorful and festive occasions.

Smart people are abundant…recognized in math and science,
But many underprivileged children also, unfortunately we find…

Many kings and queens have reigned for decades,
…India has a partition story, that just never fades…

Some families are joint and some are nuclear,
Development in IT infrastructure is booming every year…

Financial divides rule the society,
But almost everyone prays to the almighty!

Foods and customs are abundant and rich,
But population growth still haunts like a witch…

Some eat with hand and some eat with spoon,
Wives pray for their husbands by looking at the moon!

Yes, it’s complicated to those who don’t belong…
Many things are right but some very wrong…

Behold!! It’s still thriving and growing every day…
India is a blessed country as MANY would say!