Daily Archives: April 28, 2020

Becoming Rich! :)

I took up an IT job in the beginning of my career. Worked in India for 3 years and then got married to my husband, who was working in US at that time.

But that’s not what made me rich… 😀

Then I took a break in my career for 4 months…. I tried various cooking recipes… made dal makhni for my husband that he loved in the early days of our marriage… I spent my time decorating the house… learning to run the dishwasher… managing household responsibilities and yes… I did enjoy the snow… with lots of friends!! That made my life rich… 🙂

Then I took up a job and worked a lot. I changed my job after about 10 months. Then I took up another job and met some very good co-workers. We used to go for team outings and lunches… ! Not to forget… my dad came to meet me from India and saw my office. He also met my boss… Those fun times made me rich…

One time, when we were going from Indiana to North Carolina, our car broke down in the wilderness of West Virginia on Thanksgiving weekend. There was absolutely no one to help us. We called 911 and they sent a tow truck to tow our car. To our bigger surprise, the truck driver’s truck was not functioning well… so he took us through some winding roads to an unknown place…. which happened to be a repair shop. They checked our car and said, just leave your car here, “We’ll fix it”. We left our car there and they dropped us to our hotel. At the hotel, I called my mommy and my daddy telling them all about what was happening to us and that we were still alive!… Finally we got our car back the next day and that experience surely made us rich!!

Then after an year or so, we moved to DC. To our surprise, the apartment that we moved in had no heat running. So we were sitting in the winter cold with no heat. The next morning, my husband had to join work, so he asked ME… yes ME… to go to the power department’s office in DC all by myself and get heat fixed… The next day… I figured out the train routes by myself… got on the train and reached DC and got things sorted out. That experience made me rich!

We welcomed our daughter when she was born in Virginia in 2013 and that experience surely made us very very rich!

Then I took another break in my career…spent an year with my daughter at home…. watched everything that she did… how she grew up ….and when my husband would come home from work, we would wave from the balcony….and get excited! That experience made him rich! 😉

I went on walks with my daughter in the stroller… took her to the library for story times… had playdates with neighbors’ kids… and a lot more… I enjoyed her childhood to the maximum…

We celebrated our daughter’s birthday parties… with friends… and she had a great time…

We made some very good friends in both Indiana and DC, who are still in touch with us and THAT made us rich!

Then after a few years, we moved to New Jersey…  My daughter joined preschool and I would often finish work early and sneak out to pick her up early….

Just watching all the kids playing in the playground…. was so peaceful and mesmerizing for my eyes…. I just watched life thrive… and loved it. That experience made me rich!

I learned a lot of meditation while staying at home and that experience made me more aware and rich!

We celebrated halloween, diwali, dussehra, christmas and so many other festivals…. and also the fun performances of kids at school… They were all so so great….

Then I took up a job and worked for 1.5 years…. I let the people younger than me take the lead and they did a great job…. There was lots of cultural exchange at office and that’s what made me rich!

I took some breaks in my career and sat in my backyard enjoying the sun…. I LOVE THE SUN!!!!!…. and that made me ultra rich!  🙂 🙂 🙂  (That’s why I love Florida!!)

We took our daughter to Disneyworld and that was an amazing trip which made us rich.

I also worked for an Indian company, met some great Indian co -workers… Every few months, someone or the other would travel to India and get Indian sweets….yummm…!!

I look forward to more new experiences in life…. More SUN for sure… More Food 😀 😀 😀
and more free things….

Coz…. I know one thing that it’s actually the FREE things in life that make you rich….

Enjoying Waves near the beach…. Basking in the sun…. Just being happy with Nature….

That’s what makes everyone RICH!!

(Oops…sorry… I didn’t really talk about money in this article if that’s what you were looking for…)

Enjoy life…. Enjoy every moment with whatever limited resources we all have!! 🙂