Why does everyone get separated?

We all are guests on this planet. We come here for a short while and then we have to go, where… , no one knows.

A lot of people believe in rebirths but no matter how many theoretical proofs we may give, it cannot be scientifically proven.

In our lifetime, the first people we meet are our parents. Then we meet other family members, friends, co-workers, colleagues and so on.

What we sometimes don’t realize is that, every relationship has a separation or expiry date attached to it, no matter how close.

We have to separate and part from all our relationships gradually… and in the end, we have to separate from our own selves too.

Sometimes u don’t want to part with some relationships and then they just linger on and on in your mind, when in reality, physically, they are already over. U still have hope that somewhere, somehow, we will meet again…. but it’s never going to happen actually. These are just never ending but baseless hopes… They don’t help u move on…

So, it’s better to realize while forming every relationship that there IS going to be a goodbye, one day. U have to say goodbye to your friends, your family, your spouse and even to your most lovable kids…

Separation is a natural phenomenon and it makes us move on to the next stage of our life…. whatever it may be.

Like they say, attachment is the cause of all suffering….

I actually believe that it’s important to attach most lovingly and separate most willingly…

When u love someone, love them with all your ❤️ …. Make them feel on top of the world …. Try to be with them for as long as possible …. But when the time comes to separate, do so willingly and happily….coz when you let go… U actually win them forever and they become an indispensable part of your memories…

Its like loving a bird…. Giving her lot of love and care… but one day when it is ready to fly…. JUST let it go…

Everyone has journeys to take, milestones to accomplish…. If u keep holding on to them, they will not reach anywhere…

Separate from them when it’s time to do so… Let them go on to their next journey…. No matter how very strong your love is… It will only get stronger with separation….

If we are not able to separate from others… or get too attached to them… then how will we learn to separate from our own body, when the time comes?

Learn the act of separation… and letting go…. For we all have different journeys and different destinations…

No one is meant to be together every single minute. Everyone has to fly…. on their own… to reach the skies…




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