One best friend

There is one best friend that stays with us all our life…. each moment… every minute…. every single day… from our birth… till the time of our death …. and that is Mother Earth.

Every step we take…. is supported by the Earth. Each moment, right from childhood till our last breath, Mother Earth supports us. And even after we die, our ashes get dissolved into Mother Earth.

From a living being, we turn back into the source of life, the Earth. Later…what form we may …or may not take…. remains a mystery.

The plants absorb food from the earth and create fruits and vegetables. Human beings eat those fruits and vegetables and then create their offspring. So do animals… and the food chain continues.

Whatever there is and there can be…. is on this earth. The planet is surrounded by a thin layer of atmosphere that supports life…. Without this thin onion layer… life cannot exist.

We grow, we evolve and we die but this Mother Earth never leaves our hand. It catches us whenever we fall…. it leads us on the right path and it gives us opportunities to love, to grow, to wonder, to know, to laugh,  to be kind…. and just believe that it’s all in our mind!

This is the only best friend we can expect to have every minute of our life.

Everything that humans create is extracted from the earth…. whether it is clothes or metals or gold or diamond….

The earth is the giver and we are mere receivers…. begging the earth to give us more and more and more…

We have to learn to give back to the earth… to our only best friend…

Thank you earth for accepting all my good and not so good steps…

Thank you for supporting me and all the other fellow human beings inspite of their color, caste or creed… And inspite of their good, bad and ugly deeds….

Thank you for forgiving… thank you for loving…

I hope we all can believe in one world…. one earth and behave like Global citizens of this beautiful planet…

May the earth live and flourish forever and ever…

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