Daily Archives: April 22, 2020

Heaven! …. is on earth!

I came across such a profound and wonderful thought today from an astronaut’s mind…. Watch the below video…


He says we always think ‘We will go to heaven when we die’ and when he looked at the earth, he thought… “No… we actually came to heaven when we were born! “

How amazing and so very true!

Can there be a better heaven than our very own planet earth 🌎?

Doesn’t earth have everything that we need and every beautiful aspect of life!

It has beautiful mountains, lush green fields, amazing waterfalls, a never ending ocean…. all kinds of good and not so good things…

Everything is on the earth! And it is surrounded by this magical thin layer of atmosphere that enables life to survive on our planet! Isn’t it just amazing!!

We spend all our life beautifying our own bodies and collecting material wealth, success, fame and so on… Which is all superficial and temporary…

Instead of that, we should spend time beautifying our planet… the one and only planet with known life on it!

The more we take care of the earth…. the more beautiful and giving it will be… for us and for the future generations…

Every thing that humans create should be checked on just one scale…

”Will this creation help the earth?”

If it won’t, then it should just not be created.

Imagine, would you feed your mother something that is harmful for her health? Then why do we feed Mother Earth with harmful substances? Why???

Can humankind not take care of this one planet that they have…. with all their heart and soul? Can we not be a little less selfish??

Why produce something that is going to endanger life, endanger the earth and endanger the beautiful creations on earth?

Let’s focus on how we all can serve the earth and help it sustain life for future.

Heaven is truly on earth…. Where else can it be? And can anything be more beautiful than the earth?

Let’s try to help the earth and be thankful for it every single day. Every day of our life…

I read somewhere that if you touch Mother Earth right in the morning and take her blessings, it really works.

I read an article where an astronaut spent 500 days in space and was mystified with the beauty of the earth! … its valleys and mountains… It’s craters and oceans…

Almost everyone wants to travel the world … far and wide… but how many of us… truly want to serve the earth?

If there is heaven, it is here, right here, on this planet. Let’s all respect it and do the best we can to heal the earth in the coming years…

It has suffered a lot from man made inventions for our own selfish use. Enough is enough.

Lets create something that truly enables life on this planet and makes it stronger in all ways.

Let’s take care of our Mother Earth.