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Strange things…

Every culture has some unique and strange things. So does the Indian culture (I am originally from India)… or maybe I feel …this is persistent all over the world to some extent. Everyone knows that when a girl gets married, she has to leave her parents’ house and go to her husband’s house… (Either with in-laws or as a nuclear family)

In some of our TV shows, the girl’s parents are always shown to be submissive to the boy’s family’s needs, wants and expectations. Why should this be the case?

Why is it that the girl’s parents are always displayed as a weak party or those who need to agree with whatever the guy’s family says.

I mean… If two adults decide to start a family together… Both their parents should be considered equal in all respects. No one is inferior or superior.

Both adults have to be strong enough to decide and start a livelihood together and get on with their things. It doesn’t matter who is earning, as long as there is at least one source of income for their family. It doesn’t matter who is more educated or more capable. It’s a partnership…. an equilibrium and an equation for life… (Hopefully).

There are situations at my workplace, where the girl is earning and the husband is taking care of the kids at home and it should be considered completely normal. Guys …. just because they are guys…. have this undue pressure on them to earn. Why can’t a guy be a stay at home dad or just a homemaker? If a guy likes cooking and the girl likes to work…. Let it be…. Let two adults decide how they want to run their household.

I respect all of nature’s creations but I think the fact that a girl can bear a child in her womb, puts undue pressure on her existence. There are thousands of articles about motherhood and the role that mothers play in the kids’ lives. Why are fathers left behind? Did they not play a role in bringing the child into the world? Then why suddenly, after the kid is born, the mother becomes more important and responsible for the child’s upbringing? Both have to equally responsible. If a mother has to compromise and take career breaks sometimes, so can the dad. If the father has to run the household, so can the mother. It’s a partnership. Why put pressure on either of them to stick to their ‘defined’ upbringing jobs? As long as they both are bringing up a stable, well qualified and capable individual into this world, it doesn’t matter how they handle their time or circumstances.

There should be no discussion about Men are stronger or women are weaker… or Mothers are better or Fathers are more responsible etc etc etc….

Only when both are considered equally important, I think then.. there will be less crime against girls… Who are ill-treated for various reasons.

Two Adults… who decide to bring a child into this world and have a family…. And are committed to the upbringing of the child…. Can share equal responsibilities at different stages of their lives… depending on the circumstances and be each other’s STRENGTH.

Why put undue pressure on either of them?

As an example of the extraordinary, check out this article about male seahorses that deliver their offspring:

The Only Male Animals in the World that Get Pregnant and Give Birth

A mother and a father are both equally important in a child’s life. So are both sets of grandparents. (Mom’s side and the dad’s side)

The decisions have to be taken mutually.

There is no need to portray any family as superior in relationships.

When u form a relationship, u are equal and like a sea – saw, you both maintain the balance of life by sometimes staying up and sometimes staying down. It’s called flexibility of thinking, not inferiority or superiority.

Life needs more flexible thinking! I think.