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“The One”

I read somewhere that….

‘The one’ is a cruel invention. No one is ever ‘wholly’ right or ‘wholly wrong’. True love isn’t an admiration for strength. It is patience and compassion for our weaknesses. Genuine love involves two people helping each other to become the best version of themselves’. Compatibility is the achievement of love.

Hmmm.. definitely some food for thought.

My husband and I had an arranged marriage. We met 4 or 5 times before tying the knot. We did not know each other before that. We met in November and got married in January. (3 months)

What followed after that was a journey full of ups and downs…. travelling all over US (up), career issues (down), beautiful daughter (up), health issues (down). Some major health issues too. (in 2014) Since he had known me only 3 months before marriage, he could have easily said during our difficult time that.. ..”I am done with all this. I can’t handle this anymore, I can’t help you anymore”.

We had our share of quarrels and arguments but he stuck with me, through THICK and THIN. (Through all the crazy moments and the fun and the laughter)

He forgave me for my natural fragility a lot of times. He is a very genuine person. Can I now say, he is “THE ONE” for me.

There have been times during our arguments, when my heart thought, he was not the one and perhaps someone else could have been. But, I stuck to him too. Through all these years. (10 years)… Was it because we got married? Or was it because I understood the meaning of true love or was it because I had seen so many upheavals in my life that I knew, this was the best. I don’t know. But I stuck on. I did not run away. Neither did he.

We just stuck on, no matter what happened. There were times when he said, “If you do like this, I will not pick up your phone in office”… but he always did. He never stopped picking my phone or ignoring me completely.

There were times when he said, “I am tired of you” but then there were times, when he just made me laugh…. without any reason. (while standing in the kitchen, or while watering the plants or just generally… anytime… anywhere)

Did I not give him a hard time? I did. Does he not give me a hard time? He does sometimes. But we stuck on, through thick and thin.

Can I now say, He is the ONE? If for a second, I believe he is not the one, then if I look back, no one invested 10 years (or even 5 years) of their life, seeing me grow, except my parents. (Who had to see me grow of course)

While watching Ramayana (an Indian religious epic on television), Sita automatically realizes that Ram is made for her, right in the first glance. Ram was “The One” made for her, she believed and then they went through thick and thin together. Their story is a transcendental epic and is an inspiration for all. (Watch the swayamvar episode!)

I’ve met people in my workplace who have been single all their life and never met “The One”. I’ve also met people in my workplace who married 2 or 3 times and finally settled with someone.

The world has changed dramatically. I’ve heard online dating is the norm these days. (Although it sounds pretty scary!)

Anyways… When you share your life with someone or plan to share your life with someone, you have to give it your ALL…. no matter WHAT the other person does or says. You have to be there for that person. NO MATTER WHAT. Through all the craziness, the shouting, the fights, the fun, the laughter, the positives and the negatives. Some people may be very very very hard to handle but I think if my husband can handle me, anyone can handle anyone! 😉 🙂 Maybe he has just learned the tricks over the years and now knows when to reply and when to just let me be… 🙂

He does ignore my phone sometimes but CALLS ME BACK.

I don’t know if he is THE ONE made for me but so far I am pretty happy and satisfied with the decision I made in my life! And I don’t think I am ever going back. (Even if a lot of things are not what I truly wanted…. I’m going to hang on to this guy!) 🙂

I’d encourage everyone to devote themselves to that ONE relationship that they truly find precious in their lives and devote FULLY… through THICK and THIN… Ups and downs… shouts and craziness… fights and battles…. mentally drowning situations and upheavals…. Because like they say…. THIS TOO SHALL PASS….

Here’s a beautiful video I saw online…. Are they “The ONE” for each other? I think they have just stopped questioning that to themselves.

P.S – Any by the way, my husband and I started chatting a lot…blah blah blah… right in the first meeting and have never stopped since then! 🙂 Before meeting him, I read somewhere that “Marry someone with whom you can have long conversations… because that is what remains in the end. All the other fascinations fade away!”

Destiny decides “THE ONE”… if there is one for you.

Anyways…enjoy the video!