Why? (Well… just “differently” Abled…)

I saw a video of a 9 week old baby today who was …Deaf. Her grandma who was also deaf was teaching her sign language. It aches my heart when I see such videos…. and I want to ask God…Why… Why are these innocent little souls not blessed with the basic senses. What is their fault? Why is it that precious kids are born with deformities…. I completely respect them and do feel they are complete in other ways… but why not the normal ways…

These kids will never realize what normal is because they will never get to feel it. Maybe, the way they are, IS normal for them… Maybe that’s what they believe reality is and maybe that’s how they connect with nature and God…

But why…Why are there so many differences amongst us?

And then I wonder, maybe these differences make us unique.

That little 9 week old baby was smiling and laughing on understanding the sign language, as if it was normal for her.

Maybe Life does not need a language… maybe these specially abled kids feel more than us… Maybe just maybe they ARE truly blessed is some special way that we are unaware of and are not able to comprehend…

Maybe …. Just maybe… Their definition of perfection in this world Is actually very different from us. Maybe when they don’t hear, feel or see all the various noises and nuisances of the world…. they actually feel they are better off by being just the way they are.

There must be SOME strength that helps them keep moving on, in spite of what we see as abnormalities or imperfections….
I think they all are also ….. PERFECT …. in their own special way…

Arent we all perfect in our own special way with all our weaknesses and strengths…?

Maybe they are not blind or deaf but actually… We Are…

I wish hope, peace and happiness for every soul, no matter what form he/she may be in. I am sure they are perfect because God had blessed them in some way that we can never ever interpret.

Everyone is equal and everyone is perfect….




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