A seed…

Nature holds some rights with itself, for which it gives no authority to anyone. One such right is the creation of the seed.

Whenever nature creates something , it leaves a mark for further prosperity and a “belief in the future” by planting a seed in it.

Every tree that bears fruit contains a seed in it, to grow more trees and get more fruits.

Mother Nature itself is aware that nothing  lasts forever, so by giving a seed, it gives hope for the future…

Its amazing how a seed when planted turns into a beautiful plant and eventually into a tree.

Humanity itself is created from a seed. When a seed gets embedded into a mother’s womb, it gives rise to a beautiful human being.

A seed holds in it the power to create a future. However, just like a tree does not bear fruit for itself, similarly, we are not supposed to raise our children for fulfilling our own wants and needs but rather for serving the society, for growth and prosperity. For the ultimate wisdom and enlightenment, lies in SERVICE…. to mankind and to every other form of nature.

There was a video I recently saw where a cartoon character chops down a tree by mistake and then he and his friends try to hold the tree back up but it is not possible.  Then Mother Nature appears and sheds a tear looking at the condition of the tree and later advises them to plant a seed again. She says, “It will take a lot of time and a lot of care but one day, this seed will turn into a big tree”…

A kid, if given enough care and guidance, will also turn into a wonderful human being…

It all starts from the seed and ends in the seed…

That’s nature…




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