Wishes for the world…

I don’t have any power but I want to wish something for this beautiful world today. I want to wish first and foremost that every child on the planet has a beautiful childhood, free from pain and suffering. He is granted food and water as needed and all the basic necessities of life. I also wish that every broken heart – whether of a child, a teenager, an adult, a parent, an old person or who ever it may be heals soon. May they have the strength to move on towards a better tomorrow. May there be warmth, honesty and respect in all relationships. May all people who had planned to be together but could not be together for some reason make peace with their pasts and move on towards their present and future. May there be plenty of avenues for education and learning. May there be peace in this world and untimely death should not occur. May all diseases find a healer and may everyone have a peaceful sleep. May all those suffering in hospitals heal soon and may the best healing happen to them. May the changes in this world be positive. May there be joy and happiness not just on festivals but on normal days too. May there be security, not just for the bodies but also for the minds. I wish that everyone’s heart believes in the future, whether it is in the form of god or any other positive force whatever they may call it. May everyone be thankful and blessed. I hope there is an end to suffering  and all the positive forces of the world overpower the negative forces each second. May everyone think of each other’s wellbeing and growth. May jealousy fade away from this world. May everyone pass on love and kindness. I hope people learn to smile more often. I wish every living being on this planet finds peace, in any form they may be. (Animals, insects, everyone) May no one be scared of death and accept it as the eternal truth. May everyone respect the time they have been given on this earth and use it wisely. May there be heaven on this earth. I wish for nothing more but the eternal, everlasting presence of God on this earth! May no one cheat another and never cheat god. May these wishes come true.

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