How are kids so optimistic?

Sometimes I wonder, how are kids so optimistic? They are always overflowing with positive energy and enthusiasm.

When I try to get my kid’s homework done, once she completes one homework, she says… “What’s next mommy?”… and as soon as that is done… she again says…”What’s next?”… as if they are raring to take up the next challenge and not worry about anything.

Kids are always bubbling with energy and they forget things very quickly too. They don’t take anything too seriously…

Even when we get angry at them, they cry for a little bit and then forget about everything. They are always overflowing with love… and I think we can learn a lot about forgiveness from them.

Kids already know a lot and it’s not us who have to teach them but rather…. we should learn from them. We can learn a whole lot from them…

Kids can teach us to smile and laugh more often… they teach us to make friends quickly and easily and they also teach us to believe in good things in life…

Children are god’s gifts on earth…. They are the most precious and most beautiful human beings and they have so much to give to others…

They have some kind of positive energy that always tells them to keep going forward. In fact, we as adults are not that optimistic and are scared or sometimes hesitant to move forward. Kids on the other hand, believe in the future…. they believe in wonderful things that life has to offer us and they are just so real.

I wish every adult can learn something from kids and never ever hurt any kid….and if unknowingly they do… then do ask for forgiveness immediately.

I wish every kid a bright and wonderful life and future.

Kids racing


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