Daily Archives: March 23, 2020

Nothing like sacrifice…

I don’t think there is anything like sacrifice. We either do something or don’t do something. It’s our choice. The fact that we respect others’ opinions and are sometimes driven by their ideas is our weakness… not our sacrifice…

The fact that we don’t want to upset others is something that is ingrained in us… because that is the only way we see ourselves happy…. We cannot call our deeds “sacrifices”….

It is our choice to live according to others and this may be a strength at some point and at another point, it may be a weakness.

When we are not able to take our decisions, it’s a weakness.
When we are able to support our families by adjusting with them, it’s a strength.

Maybe we don’t see our own happiness and only seeing others’ happiness is our weakness and our goal.

Maybe we just don’t know how to be happy ourselves. We are only happy when others’ are happy and we are willing to surrender our most priceless and precious possessions to make them happy.

We are willing to give in everything and not keep anything with us, which in fact we ideally should.

We don’t care about worldly rules as much as we care for just giving things to others.

Hence, it is difficult for such people to survive in the world and in their attempt to keep everyone happy, they lose their own happiness too.

We consider that as destiny and just go with the flow and lose everything in the end….

We can call it our “way of living”… but “Sacrifice”? — mmmm… don’t think so.