Some people and moments stay…

It’s true that life changes every second, every minute…. but at the same time, some things, just some things stay in your heart forever.

The times that you spent with your loved ones, the beautiful moments that you spent with them…. the way they made you feel special… that never fades away….

The times when a friend and you laughed a lot, or went on long drives or just spent some quality time together eating food or watching a movie or just talking about anything…

In India especially, things that you always remember are rickshaw rides….! 🙂 … or crossing the road on an extremely busy street or just shopping together for clothes… books….food etc…

No wonder that relationships change over time for reasons unknown…. and people go in different directions… but some things NEVER EVER change….

Everything cannot be an ever-changing entity….. It’s just not possible…. Some things… some special things…. remain constant. They do. No matter how much you repel or refuse.

This is nothing to be afraid of or even worried about…. What exists…. exists. Why deny it?

It’s good to live with some things in your heart that are constant. They are the support systems for our heartbeat! 🙂 in this ever changing body!

Like they say… Don’t be sad because you lost something or someone… Smile because it happened or because you met them…. in the first place… What if you never had the chance to meet them or be with them in the first place… Wouldn’t you have regretted that more? (Be true! 🙂 )

Let’s all rejoice in this life… in the moments that are special to us …. in the friends we meet to love and later dislike…. and in the friends we meet whom we love and are never able to dislike…. no matter what they do….! Let’s live truly… for me and for you!




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