Daily Archives: March 18, 2020

Mind does not believe

A lot of times, our mind does not believe a lot of things. No matter how hard we try, how many times we tell the mind, it just does not believe. This is the hardest part of dealing with the mind. You keep repeating the same thing and the mind repeats just the opposite to you. That’s when you are just not able to cope up with your thoughts.

The mind believes in a beautiful imaginative world but the reality is completely the opposite.

I read a story that for patients, whose arms or legs get amputated for some reason….For sometime, they are just not able to believe that one of their body parts has gotten amputated. Their mind is just not able to accept the fact and move on. They will still search for their arm or leg, only to realize that it’s not there.

What can we do when the mind behaves this way… When the mind just doesn’t accept certain things…. No matter what you do…. how much you try…. The mind says… “I know what is true…I know it for sure”.

This is one of the greatest hindrances in the development of the mind and in moving on in life. The mind will constantly pull you towards the same thoughts, the same things, the same moments and relive them again and again and again making you believe that it is a reality. But it’s NOT. Life has moved on. (At least externally)

When the control panel of the body behaves like this, what can you expect the rest of the body to do? or behave like?

The mind behaves like a little child who is adamant about something, the mind is like that child who is rolling on the ground in front of everyone and asking for the same thing again and again. You tell the child, “Come on… we have to go someplace else” but the mind says..”NO NO… I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE… I WANT IT … I WANT IT”
The child (mind) starts howling and crying and making noises and all you can do it use a little bit of force to tell the mind that you have to move on.

It sounds harsh but that’s what needs to be done. The mind again and again pulls you backwards and keeps looking at the same images again and again but you have to pull it forward.. in fact DRAG it forward.

The mind of the person may scream, shout, howl, kick, throw a fit but you have to tell his mind that “IT’s OVER… You have to move on”.

In some cases, medical intervention may be needed to convince the mind about something.

Practicality of life eventually takes over and if the person is lucky, his/her mind moves on.

There are cases when the mind never moves on and they stay in their own dreams like entrapped in a capsule. I feel sad for those people. Are they destined to be like that? Is there no other type of intervention that can move the needle forward somehow? Can they come out of their mind capsules?

That remains a question and one of the main mysteries of the mind…

How can the mind escape from the mind? Or in other words how can the “Good(working) ” mind escape from the “Bad(non functional)” mind?

How can the good thoughts ignore the bad (useless) thoughts. Can it be solved visually?

Can visual experiments in medical science solve this piece of puzzle?

I hope they can and they do in future….

Coz… no matter what the condition… EACH and EVERY one has a right to LIVE for as long as he/she wants or can.