Stay at home dads

Almost forever since the evolution of humans I believe, “Moms caring for their children” has been an accepted norm in society. Why not “Dads caring for their kids or Stay at home dads” ? What is wrong with that? Does it make any difference whether the mom works or the dad or either? In some families where moms are more career oriented, it makes sense for the dads to stay at home and that should be accepted as a norm, not as an exception.

It’s ok if a dad doesn’t want to work. Dads are also humans and they can also take breaks from work. They may also like to go on sabbaticals. Just because they are men, doesn’t mean that they are bound to work or they have to be the primary bread earners in society. I know a lot of religions say that men do the jobs and women run the households but I want to ask Why? Can we create just one rule and that is EQUALITY. Everything else should be left behind…



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