Protect Children

PROTECT CHILDREN – Good touch & Bad Touch

If you want to protect your children, do you want the most important lesson for them in life to be taught by some stranger or some irresponsible school friend?

We as parents, NEED to take this responsibility and we can do this by doing the following:

  1. Educate your child about Good touch and bad touch
  2. Ask them EVERYDAY if anyone was not nice to them in a “nice” way
  3. Show them videos to differentiate between Good Touch and Bad Touch
  4. And this one is the hardest – Pretend that you’re talking to them about something secret and tell them not to tell that secret to anyone else. See how they respond. Do they repel? Do they understand? Do they get it? Do they raise a flag and try to reach out to someone else in the house? This is a big TEST to check their mental strength and ability to hold on to things. Tell them that they have to trust their teachers and complain to them if needed. I know it may be hard as a parent to do this but talk to them before someone else (untrustworthy) does it.
  5. You JUST CANNOT let anyone else play with your kid’s MIND

If you’re still not convinced, you might be by seeing the images below.

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