When you get a chance to pray… Don’t just pray for yourself and your family but do take the opportunity to pray for strangers…. any stranger you met on the road and whom you thought had less than you in life…. any kid that you know of… who is suffering from some major illness…. Pray for even those kids who never see the light of the day….Pray for those who are specially abled…. Pray for orphans…. pray for animals…. Pray for those who are in pain…. even pray for those who are not on the right path and should come to the right path….

Include everyone in your prayers…. if u can….

I can’t promise that you will get something in return but it will make you feel like you have prayed well…

Whose prayer reached whom…. nobody knows …. but I believe they do!

Pray for the well-being of the earth, the universe, for plants and trees…. pray for goodness and peace and hope and love!

Keep praying! Whenever u can…. in whatever language…. in whatever way…. it doesn’t matter

Let’s all pray…. each day!

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