Daily Archives: March 15, 2020

Recycle Recycle Recycle

I’d encourage everyone that….whenever you go to a restaurant or a public place… Raise the question about recycling…

Ask the management of the restaurant…. “Are you recycling paper and other waste? If not, why?”

Sometimes one single thought can trigger a major change….! It’s all about asking the right question.

Start the change…I am sure you will feel proud of it!


God’s impressions…


God’s Impressions…..on a child’s mind…

When we take our kids to a temple or a place or worship…. what impressions are we leaving on their minds?
Think about what all they observe in a temple….

• That lots of people gather together
• Sing some songs…. (which kids may or may not understand)
• Some people give money to the Gods
• Some people give fruits to the idols
• Some people bend down and lie down on the floor
• Some people ring bells
• Everyone gives something to the priest
• and so on….

What do we expect them to learn from these rituals? When our kids grow up, will they not practice the same things that we are doing…. Give money, give fruits, sing songs….

Instead of that, isn’t it more important to include the feeling of SERVICE in them. That we could SERVE someone, either through a job or through a voluntary service or just by helping someone… Will that not make a better world rather than donating huge amounts of milk and fruits to idols… I don’t disrespect any religion but I think the goal is to make our kids into better individuals who can serve the society through their DEEDS….

KARMA…. as they call it….

It’s so important to do good deeds…. Everyday…. even a little bit is enough. Hold the door for someone, give directions to someone who might be lost on the street, voluntarily teach in schools, donate your old clothes and shoes to someone who could use them, Start some awareness group, Start an exercise group to meet in the park, Start something… Anything… that helps anyone…. Donate books to the library….Reach out to government authorities to improve road conditions or any other things that are hampering the lives of people, Get together and clean a park, Educate the poor people about sanitation….Plant a tree… The list is endless…

Would God be happier with the money donations we give in the temples or with these real deeds?


What kind of qualities do you want your kids to imbibe from you about SERVICE to the society, the world and God.