Daily Archives: March 14, 2020


When a pandemic of such a huge size such as the Coronavirus strikes the earth, it reminds us of how little we are in front of the forces of nature. No amount of money, no religious and scientific theories of the world work and they all fail when a pandemic of such a large scale strikes humanity.
At this time, only one theory can manifest and that is the theory of unity and humanity and belief in the future… that whatever happens… we will have to face it.
This reminds us that we all… EACH ONE OF US… is responsible for maintaining a BALANCE with nature and not exploit it for our own personal use. Nature is a gift to us, it’s not something that we own or had birth rights for. We are blessed that nature gives us so many things and we are able to survive.
Such a pandemic teaches us that we can never catch up with the forces of nature and we should not even try. We should just respect it and use it optimally and give back to the earth as much as we can.
We should respect life and not get stuck with mindsets of religion, faith, differences etc… We all are humans and we should be thankful that we got a life. No one knows anything more than this and if he believes he does, it’s for his own ego.Remain thankful for as long as you are alive. Tomorrow is never promised


Have you ever loved someone so immensely that you didn’t want to let them go at all? You wanted to catch hold of each moment with them, each thought that you had about them, each little thing that you did with them…. and you just did not want to LET GO…

At times, you may feel this with a friend, a lover, a child or even a parent….

Sometimes feelings get so strong that you get thoughts even when that person is in the vicinity…. Sometimes you get hints even before any talk happens…you get vibes about that person so many times…

Sometimes you just understand without explicitly anyone saying it….

And sometimes you still have to LET GO…

You have to let go of every single thing in life….even your body…every feeling… every breath… every moment.

Don’t love anyone so immensely that you are not able to let them go… They have to…GO

Sometimes thoughts come to you even after they are gone forever… in the form of dreams or images of that person… You want to hold them one more time…. laugh with them…. hug them… and tell them that you still value them and that you enjoyed every moment with them…. But you can’t …. Time does not allow that.

If you truly love someone, don’t let them go in the first place. This leads to suffering at both ends. And if you do let them go, let them go completely…. Don’t let it remain hanging in your heart somewhere…

Everything should have a closure….it’s very important….

Un-ended stories hurt the most in life…!

Let’s close it…. by just saying “I still love you but I am sorry, I can’t have you or I can’t be with you”…. or “I’m glad it happened… let’s move on now”…. Something….anything….

And then mark it CLOSED in your books. You have to….mark it “Closed”.