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Wishes for the world…

I don’t have any power but I want to wish something for this beautiful world today. I want to wish first and foremost that every child on the planet has a beautiful childhood, free from pain and suffering. He is granted food and water as needed and all the basic necessities of life. I also wish that every broken heart – whether of a child, a teenager, an adult, a parent, an old person or who ever it may be heals soon. May they have the strength to move on towards a better tomorrow. May there be warmth, honesty and respect in all relationships. May all people who had planned to be together but could not be together for some reason make peace with their pasts and move on towards their present and future. May there be plenty of avenues for education and learning. May there be peace in this world and untimely death should not occur. May all diseases find a healer and may everyone have a peaceful sleep. May all those suffering in hospitals heal soon and may the best healing happen to them. May the changes in this world be positive. May there be joy and happiness not just on festivals but on normal days too. May there be security, not just for the bodies but also for the minds. I wish that everyone’s heart believes in the future, whether it is in the form of god or any other positive force whatever they may call it. May everyone be thankful and blessed. I hope there is an end to suffering  and all the positive forces of the world overpower the negative forces each second. May everyone think of each other’s wellbeing and growth. May jealousy fade away from this world. May everyone pass on love and kindness. I hope people learn to smile more often. I wish every living being on this planet finds peace, in any form they may be. (Animals, insects, everyone) May no one be scared of death and accept it as the eternal truth. May everyone respect the time they have been given on this earth and use it wisely. May there be heaven on this earth. I wish for nothing more but the eternal, everlasting presence of God on this earth! May no one cheat another and never cheat god. May these wishes come true.

How are kids so optimistic?

Sometimes I wonder, how are kids so optimistic? They are always overflowing with positive energy and enthusiasm.

When I try to get my kid’s homework done, once she completes one homework, she says… “What’s next mommy?”… and as soon as that is done… she again says…”What’s next?”… as if they are raring to take up the next challenge and not worry about anything.

Kids are always bubbling with energy and they forget things very quickly too. They don’t take anything too seriously…

Even when we get angry at them, they cry for a little bit and then forget about everything. They are always overflowing with love… and I think we can learn a lot about forgiveness from them.

Kids already know a lot and it’s not us who have to teach them but rather…. we should learn from them. We can learn a whole lot from them…

Kids can teach us to smile and laugh more often… they teach us to make friends quickly and easily and they also teach us to believe in good things in life…

Children are god’s gifts on earth…. They are the most precious and most beautiful human beings and they have so much to give to others…

They have some kind of positive energy that always tells them to keep going forward. In fact, we as adults are not that optimistic and are scared or sometimes hesitant to move forward. Kids on the other hand, believe in the future…. they believe in wonderful things that life has to offer us and they are just so real.

I wish every adult can learn something from kids and never ever hurt any kid….and if unknowingly they do… then do ask for forgiveness immediately.

I wish every kid a bright and wonderful life and future.

Kids racing


Nothing like sacrifice…

I don’t think there is anything like sacrifice. We either do something or don’t do something. It’s our choice. The fact that we respect others’ opinions and are sometimes driven by their ideas is our weakness… not our sacrifice…

The fact that we don’t want to upset others is something that is ingrained in us… because that is the only way we see ourselves happy…. We cannot call our deeds “sacrifices”….

It is our choice to live according to others and this may be a strength at some point and at another point, it may be a weakness.

When we are not able to take our decisions, it’s a weakness.
When we are able to support our families by adjusting with them, it’s a strength.

Maybe we don’t see our own happiness and only seeing others’ happiness is our weakness and our goal.

Maybe we just don’t know how to be happy ourselves. We are only happy when others’ are happy and we are willing to surrender our most priceless and precious possessions to make them happy.

We are willing to give in everything and not keep anything with us, which in fact we ideally should.

We don’t care about worldly rules as much as we care for just giving things to others.

Hence, it is difficult for such people to survive in the world and in their attempt to keep everyone happy, they lose their own happiness too.

We consider that as destiny and just go with the flow and lose everything in the end….

We can call it our “way of living”… but “Sacrifice”? — mmmm… don’t think so.





8AF1C9A3-3196-45B3-B849-952E6ED28815For a long long time, almost billions of years, humanity has been putting its burden on the earth. Human population has been growing enormously without realizing that each person has to utilize the earth’s resources to sustain for his/her entire life.

The earth has been giving and giving more each single day to humanity and all the other thousands of species that exist on the earth.

Whenever a huge epidemic or a tornado or tsunami etc strikes the earth, killing thousands of people, it’s like the earth telling us to STOP! Stop overutilizing the earth’s resources and REPLENISH MORE than what we use. GIVE BACK more than we consume. We always assume that “Earth can handle this” and keep doing bad things on the earth but there comes a day when the earth says, “No, I cannot handle this anymore!”

Nature tells us that unless we care for nature, it can not and will not take care of us. It has the authority to Stop giving us all that we have been getting from it any day and that will be the end of humanity.

It has happened before when asteroids have struck the earth wiping out all traces of humanity and it can happen again if we don’t respect the EARTH.

We have to stop all malpractices against the earth, against wildlife, animals, human beings, children and society. We have to consume as much as we need and not hoard things for future use.

We have to stay united in this world and not fight in the name of religion and other prejudices that divide us.

We have to practice cleanliness, personal hygiene and good sanitation habits coz after all we are also made up of the five elements of the earth.

We have to learn from our scriptures and ancient literature and practice good living practices.

The earth is the source of all life. It given breath to every being and it can take everyone’s breath away in a flash of a second.

That’s the power of nature, only if we are able to realize it.

Stop greed. stop violence. stop fighting and live peacefully with each other. Use only what u need and give back to this earth. The earth needs our support more than ever.


1: I like you

2: No, you’re lying

1: I think we should talk

2: It’s not needed

1: We need to work on a solution

2: Why do u think so?

1: Coz it’s important for me

2: It’s not for me anymore

1: Ok, as you say

2: What do you mean by that?

1: Fine, I won’t bother you

2: Are u serious?

1: Yes, I am

2: You don’t have to be

1: You have to let go

2: Yeah, let’s let go

1: It’s really very simple

2: I agree too







Some people and moments stay…

It’s true that life changes every second, every minute…. but at the same time, some things, just some things stay in your heart forever.

The times that you spent with your loved ones, the beautiful moments that you spent with them…. the way they made you feel special… that never fades away….

The times when a friend and you laughed a lot, or went on long drives or just spent some quality time together eating food or watching a movie or just talking about anything…

In India especially, things that you always remember are rickshaw rides….! 🙂 … or crossing the road on an extremely busy street or just shopping together for clothes… books….food etc…

No wonder that relationships change over time for reasons unknown…. and people go in different directions… but some things NEVER EVER change….

Everything cannot be an ever-changing entity….. It’s just not possible…. Some things… some special things…. remain constant. They do. No matter how much you repel or refuse.

This is nothing to be afraid of or even worried about…. What exists…. exists. Why deny it?

It’s good to live with some things in your heart that are constant. They are the support systems for our heartbeat! 🙂 in this ever changing body!

Like they say… Don’t be sad because you lost something or someone… Smile because it happened or because you met them…. in the first place… What if you never had the chance to meet them or be with them in the first place… Wouldn’t you have regretted that more? (Be true! 🙂 )

Let’s all rejoice in this life… in the moments that are special to us …. in the friends we meet to love and later dislike…. and in the friends we meet whom we love and are never able to dislike…. no matter what they do….! Let’s live truly… for me and for you!




Mind does not believe

A lot of times, our mind does not believe a lot of things. No matter how hard we try, how many times we tell the mind, it just does not believe. This is the hardest part of dealing with the mind. You keep repeating the same thing and the mind repeats just the opposite to you. That’s when you are just not able to cope up with your thoughts.

The mind believes in a beautiful imaginative world but the reality is completely the opposite.

I read a story that for patients, whose arms or legs get amputated for some reason….For sometime, they are just not able to believe that one of their body parts has gotten amputated. Their mind is just not able to accept the fact and move on. They will still search for their arm or leg, only to realize that it’s not there.

What can we do when the mind behaves this way… When the mind just doesn’t accept certain things…. No matter what you do…. how much you try…. The mind says… “I know what is true…I know it for sure”.

This is one of the greatest hindrances in the development of the mind and in moving on in life. The mind will constantly pull you towards the same thoughts, the same things, the same moments and relive them again and again and again making you believe that it is a reality. But it’s NOT. Life has moved on. (At least externally)

When the control panel of the body behaves like this, what can you expect the rest of the body to do? or behave like?

The mind behaves like a little child who is adamant about something, the mind is like that child who is rolling on the ground in front of everyone and asking for the same thing again and again. You tell the child, “Come on… we have to go someplace else” but the mind says..”NO NO… I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE… I WANT IT … I WANT IT”
The child (mind) starts howling and crying and making noises and all you can do it use a little bit of force to tell the mind that you have to move on.

It sounds harsh but that’s what needs to be done. The mind again and again pulls you backwards and keeps looking at the same images again and again but you have to pull it forward.. in fact DRAG it forward.

The mind of the person may scream, shout, howl, kick, throw a fit but you have to tell his mind that “IT’s OVER… You have to move on”.

In some cases, medical intervention may be needed to convince the mind about something.

Practicality of life eventually takes over and if the person is lucky, his/her mind moves on.

There are cases when the mind never moves on and they stay in their own dreams like entrapped in a capsule. I feel sad for those people. Are they destined to be like that? Is there no other type of intervention that can move the needle forward somehow? Can they come out of their mind capsules?

That remains a question and one of the main mysteries of the mind…

How can the mind escape from the mind? Or in other words how can the “Good(working) ” mind escape from the “Bad(non functional)” mind?

How can the good thoughts ignore the bad (useless) thoughts. Can it be solved visually?

Can visual experiments in medical science solve this piece of puzzle?

I hope they can and they do in future….

Coz… no matter what the condition… EACH and EVERY one has a right to LIVE for as long as he/she wants or can.








Special firsts

Some people always want to preserve their special firsts for special days with special people. They are willing to wait and wait and wait for the special moment for something special to happen in their life.

On the other hand, some people don’t care as much and consider nothing too special or extraordinary.

Who is right? And who is wrong? …. Perhaps no one…

These are just perspectives…

Some people spend their entire life waiting for that special someone to come into their lives while some others give chances to a lot of special people before finally settling with one…

Who is right? Who is wrong?… Who can decide?… Perhaps no one…

Some people feel offended when they don’t get that special trust from someone they love but maybe the other person is waiting for a special moment to share the trust…

Who is right…?….wrong?….perhaps no one knows…

Some people spend their entire lives wondering why that special someone left while some others don’t even think about it for a second…. it doesn’t matter… life goes on…

Is anyone right? Or wrong? Can anyone tell?

Who made the word special and why does everything have to be special?

But then how would we differentiate between ordinary and special?

This post is specially dedicated to the people who have touched my life in a special way…! 🙂 …. Whether it was special for them or not… who can say!




When you get a chance to pray… Don’t just pray for yourself and your family but do take the opportunity to pray for strangers…. any stranger you met on the road and whom you thought had less than you in life…. any kid that you know of… who is suffering from some major illness…. Pray for even those kids who never see the light of the day….Pray for those who are specially abled…. Pray for orphans…. pray for animals…. Pray for those who are in pain…. even pray for those who are not on the right path and should come to the right path….

Include everyone in your prayers…. if u can….

I can’t promise that you will get something in return but it will make you feel like you have prayed well…

Whose prayer reached whom…. nobody knows …. but I believe they do!

Pray for the well-being of the earth, the universe, for plants and trees…. pray for goodness and peace and hope and love!

Keep praying! Whenever u can…. in whatever language…. in whatever way…. it doesn’t matter

Let’s all pray…. each day!