When someone says sorry after a long long time or when you apologize to someone after a long time….. it lifts a heavy weight off your heart….

When you apologize, you’re not just saying sorry to one another but saying that u now respect each other….. each other’s past, present and future.

You understand that at some point things were not perfect and for some reason, it led to pain and now you’re ready to take responsibility for that pain and move on…

Apology can be in friendship, in love, in all kinds of relations but when it comes straight from the heart….It really HEALS….

Some people take years to apologize…. others do it in seconds… It’s not about the time…. it’s about the feeling…

Never be afraid to apologize to someone if u have hurt them intentionally or unintentionally… Try to heal the wound whether it is seen or unseen…. painful or painless…

Some wounds are painless but they eat you up internally…Coz they hurt your soul…

Sorry is not a formality…. it’s a responsibility…

I hope people don’t create circumstances to say sorry…. and in case they do…. they say it as soon as possible ….

I hope every painful heart heals soon and every soul heals just like you sit in a setting sun..

Sunset me and you….

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