Who needs Critics??


Who needs Critics? We all do….at some point in our lives.

When we become too confident of our abilities or when god wants to change our direction, or when we should be doing something better – In all these circumstances, we come across these special people called ‘critics’.

They may sound rude, unforgiving, harsh in the beginning, but there’s usually a lesson behind the words they say.
A critic’s voice holds deeper meaning than what it appears to contain.

A critic can help you look inside your soul and ask yourself – Do I really want to do what I am doing? Is this the right path for me? Why does it seem, that I am being pushed away from this path and being redirected towards a different goal? Is this a sign, an indication? Do I need to re-assess my abilities and my goals? Do I need to move on?

A critic can pull you down – but if you act like a spring – Greater the pressure with which you are pulled down, higher the force with which you will spring back to life!

Critics are essential to make us understand that there is still some scope for improvement. Critics do not lie and if they do, they are not critics.

Everytime I have met someone who has discouraged me, brought me down, pointed out my mistakes, I’ve felt bad for sometime, but later on…..I stood up, rose higher and convinced myself that this is not the end – there’s a lot more to come – including more criticisms.

I need critics. I need them to drive me away from what I am not good at….and force me to move towards the skills which I am good at!

I need to improve and although…. I did get hurt in the process, I think I’d still like to thank the people who were my true critics.

Thank you for being there. (Because of you, I am here – and not there! ) 🙂

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