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Dreams in my pocket!!


I carry my dreams in my pocket,
And never let them go…

Just so nobody questions them,
I don’t let them show.

They are always in my pocket,
And whenever I get a chance,
I pull a dream and color it well,
To make it alive and dance.

My dreams rise like bubbles,
Once they are filled with life!
They fill me up with lots of love,
& there is no pain or strife.

I make sure I hang tight to them,
So they don’t disappear!
Dreams are pretty naughty,
You got to keep them near.

I also carry a notepad,
To write down my new dreams,
Life is short and dreams are not,
At least that’s how it seems!

I pat on…. my little dreams,
Every now and then,
And that’s how …they get bigger!
And stronger …from within!

I steal time …from everyday life,
and that’s how… I ensure,
that I live… for my own dreams,
Not anyone else’s for sure.

I make a face at others’ dreams,
When they are just…. sitting there,
With no one to… explore them,
And no one to… really care. :/

My dreams are a happy family,
They sing and dance and grow, 🙂
I love my dreams, they love me too,
Don’t know who loves the other more!

Who needs Critics??


Who needs Critics? We all do….at some point in our lives.

When we become too confident of our abilities or when god wants to change our direction, or when we should be doing something better – In all these circumstances, we come across these special people called ‘critics’.

They may sound rude, unforgiving, harsh in the beginning, but there’s usually a lesson behind the words they say.
A critic’s voice holds deeper meaning than what it appears to contain.

A critic can help you look inside your soul and ask yourself – Do I really want to do what I am doing? Is this the right path for me? Why does it seem, that I am being pushed away from this path and being redirected towards a different goal? Is this a sign, an indication? Do I need to re-assess my abilities and my goals? Do I need to move on?

A critic can pull you down – but if you act like a spring – Greater the pressure with which you are pulled down, higher the force with which you will spring back to life!

Critics are essential to make us understand that there is still some scope for improvement. Critics do not lie and if they do, they are not critics.

Everytime I have met someone who has discouraged me, brought me down, pointed out my mistakes, I’ve felt bad for sometime, but later on…..I stood up, rose higher and convinced myself that this is not the end – there’s a lot more to come – including more criticisms.

I need critics. I need them to drive me away from what I am not good at….and force me to move towards the skills which I am good at!

I need to improve and although…. I did get hurt in the process, I think I’d still like to thank the people who were my true critics.

Thank you for being there. (Because of you, I am here – and not there! ) 🙂

Rise above Stress.

ImageStress drains you out…. It takes away all your positive energy and enthusiasm.
It makes you feel you are not loved….that no one is with you and you are left all by yourself to handle life’s struggles.

Stress makes you vulnerable.

Do you realize when you are stressed? What do you do to come out of it? Can you recognize your emotions, your body behavior when you are stressed? Do you just give into it?

When you recognize that you are stressed… keep away from other people ….because it is quite possible that you will let out your negative energy in the form of anger, anxiety or complaints.

Handle your stress – accept it. Think how can things be made better and ….if you are unable to think – just try to make yourself feel better. Don’t think too much.

Do something you like – all by yourself. Manage your energy levels. Refill yourself with love. Recharge your energies.

You give out what you have within. If you have stress, you give out stress. If you have love, you give out love.

Rise above stress. Rise above your weaknesses. Don’t let stress make you feel weak. Don’t let it overpower you.

You have the power to change your emotions, without complaints, without any disagreements. It comes with practice, like everything else in life.

Maintain one hobby that reduces your stress. Pursue it when ever you feel you are not giving out ‘happy energies’. It will refill you with love and those vibes will be reflected outside.

You are what you feel within. Rise above stress.

I am….

I am a writer.

I am a believer.

I am a thinker.

I am a philosopher.

I am a learner.

I am a teacher.

I am a preacher.

I am….

I am today.

I was yesterday.

I may not be tomorrow.

I am….

I am a soul…

I am a life…

I am a wife…

I am ….

I don’t need to be…

Because I am…

I am now.

Tomorrow when I am not…

What will matter is that I was…

What I am.

I was not someone else…

I was me.

I am me.

That’s all I want to be.

No rules in life.




Life changes so very quickly. It does not give us enough time to think and plan the next step. People leave….plans change….priorities change….

All the people whom I knew in school are only profile images to me on social channels now. I don’t know much about them. All the people whom I met in college have moved on in life to new professions, new spheres of learning, new phases of life. 

When I look back ….I wonder, what did I learn from all the people who shared some moments of life with me. What were the lessons life taught me when they were around?

Some people have large social circles and channels. I wonder if they ever spend time analyzing or imagining what purpose the other people played in their lives? Do they even have time to do that?

There are no rules in life. If you want to spend your entire life meditating, you can. If you want to spend your entire life dreaming, you can. If you want to spend your entire life socializing, you can. If you want to spend your entire life studying, you can.

It’s what you want to do and not what others want you to do. Many of us change our priorities based on what others expect from us and in the end, all those people don’t even matter to us. Only a handful matter in life.

I changed myself for a lot of people. I changed my rules for a lot of people…..people who don’t even matter anymore.

People who know what they are doing, why they are doing what they are doing and where are they heading are most successful. But again, there are no defined rules for success.

If you think being healthy is success, you can be healthy. If you think being rich is success, you can be rich. If you think having fun is success, you can have fun. If you think, being famous is success, you can be famous.

So, the conclusion – we have no rules to life and no rules to success. Are there any rules at all then?

If you want to be rude, you can be rude. If you want to be polite, you can be polite.

You define the rules, you follow the rules and you bear the consequences.

Do you define your own life rules? Do you think you need any rules at all?

The rules you define – Define you.

You define your life. Define your life today.

No one’s inferior, no one’s superior

Principles that define my philosophy of life: 


  • Someone who spends his entire life ‘learning’ is more superior that a corrupt person with lots of money.
  • Someone who believes that there is always more to learn, is superior than someone who thinks he knows all.
  • Someone who believes in god or has a strong faith in something is more superior than a person who thinks he is god.
  • Someone who acts, behaves and perceives things knowing that, he could lose everything in one second, is more superior than a person who hoards things.
  • Someone who is not angered, is not jealous or selfish, or cunning – Someone who maintains the innocence of a child – is more superior than a person who takes advantage of others.
  • Someone who does not think whether he is superior or inferior and goes on with life thinking everyone is equal – is more superior than anyone who is judgmental.
  • Someone who has a purpose, a motive, an aim in life is more superior than a person who lives frivolously.
  • Someone who lives in the present, plans for the future and learns from the past is more learned and superior than someone who thinks it’s now or never.
  • Someone who accepts his weaknesses, grows over them and continues to discover himself is more superior than someone who is not connected with himself.
  • Someone who reads this article and analyzes himself and not others –  is more superior than someone who spends time in worthless comparisons.
  • No one’s inferior, no one’s superior – It’s all a perception – and someone who understands this reality – is more superior than any of the above mentioned people.

Good morning!

Everyday when I get up in the morning, I feel the need to do something different, something unusual, something that makes a difference.

I feel inspired, motivated and am raring to go. So, while the rest of the world sleeps, my mind starts weaving stories about my plans for the day and for the coming days.

There’s so much to learn in this world — with absolutely no limit to the wide variety of things we could learn!

For instance, why does a certain bird have specific type of feathers, how do flowers get their beautiful colors, how do children interpret and learn new things, how many species thrive in various lakes, rivers and oceans, how many languages are there in this world….By the way, I am not a biologist….
I am a computer engineer. But, does that limit me only to my own sphere of learning? I don’t think so.

This world can be made so much better with constructive thoughts and ideas — All it takes is the will and  desire to do something new each day!

I don’t criticize the people who lack this enthusiasm because maybe they have something special to offer to this world as well – just by being the way they are.

It’s a personal choice – a seeking for happiness, contentment and fulfillment.

Learning enriches my soul and empowers me to think better.

What makes me content is getting up early in the morning, penning down my thoughts and letting my creative energies flow….

The world needs more positive and creative energy….it needs more power, more agility, diversity, curiosity, humanity, dignity and anything great that ‘you’ can offer!

We all need more learning, seeking, sharing, inspiring, believing and perceiving.

What are you offering to this world today?

Good morning!