Daily Archives: March 31, 2013

Tick tock….tick tock..!


When I got up early this morning, I immediately opened a social networking site and then suddenly wondered, “Is this something I really want to start my day with??” and the answer was ….”Nah!”. I turned on some nice music, went to the balcony, looked at the morning sky and felt much better!! I was away from my computer for a while!

I also thought that, some of the social networking sites give us the illusion, “Oh Great!! I have so many friends…” but it’s not true….
How many of those would actually help you in times of need?? Some of them are just acquaintances or ‘friends of friends of friends!” ….whom you met one day…Wow!!

In life, we sometimes look back and wonder, “Oh! I wish I had not wasted my time on that task!!” OR “I wish I had invested more time in my studies/hobbies/something else…”. It’s true that one should live in the present moment, but it’s not bad to look back and learn from our mistakes.

Later, I went for a drive with my husband, I did not browse anything on my phone. (although usually I do). I was consistently telling myself, that I need to look at the surroundings, enjoy the drive and forget about the ‘rest of the world’ for a while.

Although it may seem, that we are investing only 5-10 minutes a day doing “useless” things but if we sum it all up for a month, a year or a lifetime, it  can form a big fraction of our –  “time that could be used elsewhere!”

When we start giving value to the ‘things’ and ‘people’ that matter, we get that value in return.

But, if we seem interested in every minute thing…and every real life story… that is happening around us, without a clear focus, we are bound to get lost in everything!

And , in today’s world, it’s so easy to get lost on the web!

In my childhood, social networking sites were not that common. In fact, cellphones became popular (a nuisance) fairly recently.

Don’t take me wrong, I am not against emerging technologies but the more important thing is “How do we use the new technologies?”

I use my phone for calling and texting and also for making “to do lists”. I have neither installed too many apps, nor too many games. I know people do and it’s fine as long as they use each one of them.

Think about the amount of data that is available on the web. How much of it is actually useful to us, as individuals, per our personal preferences and interests?

We could spend our entire life browsing through things that will not impact our life even one bit.

Can we not contribute good data and good techniques to this world, using our skill set?

Can we focus on the things that really matter to us?

Or, are these distractions so strong that they can weaken our attention spans with each passing day?!?

The moments which are gone, are gone forever!

Now, is the time to plan wisely.

The clock keeps ticking. It does not get distracted by anything, no matter what! It keeps moving on, doing its job and helping everyone else stay focused as well…..it fulfills its purpose. That’s what we need to do. Fulfill our purpose, stay focused and help everyone else stay focused.