Create Magic….! :)


How tough is it for you to move towards your goal? (Little tough or very tough)

Everyone needs to climb one step at a time on the ladder of success. That one little step can make a difference and bring you closer to where you want to be. 

Every big achievement is made up of many small achievements over a period of time.

Now, let’s look at the reasons why we are unable to move further even a single step.

1) Distractions – There are too many distractions in the world. Our minds need focus.
I read that, Einstein was not good at swimming. Did that have any minutest effect on his fame? No. He was good at science at math and that’s where he excelled. That’s where he focused. (instead of swimming)
We need to excel at what we are good at, rather than trying anything and everything that comes our way.

3) Planning Your Time – I can summarize this with one scenario. Looking at a single post on social networks, which will not make even a bit of a difference to your life, is equal to losing a few precious minutes of your life. (which you can never regain back). Observe where your time goes.

3) Discouragement – You will meet numerous people in life, who will either make fun of your dreams or say that it’s too big to achieve. People view the world, the way they view themselves. If they cannot see you achieving your dream, it’s a possibility that, they have difficulty seeing themselves achieving their dreams. The point is to not get discouraged.

4) Act – It’s important to act. Thinking is a prerequisite – but taking action is the real test. You can build as many castles as you want in the air. They will only be for you to visit. Instead, try building a castle that tourists will visit, even after you die.

5) Value your dream – If you do not value your dream, no one else will. Cherish it, track its progress, see how far you’ve come, reward yourself and keep going.

6) Do not obsess – Over a period of time, I’ve realized that obsessing about your dream does not work. Setting a time limit for your dream does not work either. Dreams are delicate. Pushing the dreams with that obsession in your mind, will only make them brittle. Do not turn dreams into obsessions by putting if-else clauses in them. If I achieve the dream, I will do this, else I will do that. – Nope, that aint working!
A dream should last a lifetime and even afterwards. If you dream to be a painter, you need to keep working on your paintings all your life. You can not paint for 5 years and say, I’m done. Plan to pursue it for life, in order to be successful.

7) Appreciate others’ dreams – Learn to appreciate others’ dreams, even if they are not serious about their own dreams. (even if they don’t realize their dreams). Once you start encouraging others to work on their dreams, you will in turn be encouraged to work on yours.

8) Find Connections – No one will do this work for you. You have to do it yourself. Take initiative. Connect with experts. Read success stories. Create your path.

9) Your way is your way – And it does not have to be like how, someone else approaches things. Do not try to imitate others or their dreams. Find that special thing in “you”.

10) Believe – Believe that magical things happen….. Did you know that the guy who created the Mickey Mouse Disney character, was initially a farmer? 🙂 It amazes me when I read such stories! A farmer created a dreamland for millions of people! Wow!!

Do not waste days. Do not waste life. This world still needs many more artists, painters, singers, musicians, animators, sports players, authors, poets, scientists and so on…..!!

The world needs you! 🙂

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