Daily Archives: February 18, 2013

Identify Your Dream…


Dreams are very shy creatures. They do not like to come out in the open unless they can turn into a reality. They get shattered by under-confidence, disbelief, discouragement, competition or failure.

Every person has a special dream that wants to become his reality. Only some people are able to identify their special dreams.

Imagine someone who is very shy to come up and talk to you, but nudges you every once in a while! Dreams are like that.

They are like babies. They are very delicate creatures and need a lot of pampering. A dream will stay in your thoughts as long as there is even little chance of it becoming a reality and sometimes even when there is no chance left.

It will hint at you many times. It might bring opportunities along with itself also!

Dreams with opportunities are like marriage proposals. If you can marry your dream while that opportunity is available, you can live happily forever and ever!

Your dream will make you feel that you cannot find solace or happiness in other things. It will possess your mind when there is silence all around you. If you do not let it grow, It will hide itself and might re-appear later.

Your dream will not stress you out. It will only give you small nudges throughout your life. If you are able to understand its hints and work on the dream, it will do miracles for you. If you do not understand what the dream is trying to say, your dream may not knock at your door again, and may stay hidden “in a corner” in your heart all your life.

Try to befriend your dream and make it feel comfortable in this world. Appreciate yourself for having that dream and try to explain why it can or can not be a reality. Tell your dream that “It can be a reality – Big or small, it doesn’t matter” . Let it live. Work with it. Work towards it.

Don’t be so hard on yourself and your dream. Do not blame yourself for dreaming that dream.

Example – If you want to be a rock star at Age of 50, and keep telling yourself that your dream cannot be fulfilled, it will be hard on your heart. Just lock yourself in your room and pretend to be a rock-star in front of the mirror! Live your dream just for a moment atleast, while you are breathing and alive!

Or just dream another dream. Be soft and gentle with these “shy” creatures.

Once a dream becomes a reality, it will shout it self out from the rooftops! You won’t have to do anything then. It will thrive!