Daily Archives: February 13, 2013



Somewhere in my heart, there is a little girl, who doesn’t want to grow up
Who knows that growing up is not so much fun
Who knows that people can be cunning and selfish
She is more spiritual than real
She is more lost than present
She is more focused on the mind
And knows it sometimes hurts to be too kind
She is happy being alive but wonders if that is the only form of happiness?
She gets easily hurt and does not like to explain why.
She knows life is not permanent,
But no one can change that.
She gets amazed when she looks at other people
And also that they are not amazed to be alive
She does not understand material benefits a lot
Sometimes people think she is weird
But she thinks she is ok, just the way she is.
She wants to be what she is.
What is she?
She wants to be in sync with God
And she wants nothing more.
Is it too much to ask for?
It’s unreal.
Each moment she thinks, What is real and permanent anyway?
and for how long?