Each day…


Each day is a new beginning, an opportunity to restart your life, in a different way!

It’s an opportunity for us to recharge ourselves with new hopes, new aspirations, new dreams, new targets and prepare for new challenges.

Below are some of the things we can do, before starting a new day afresh:

  • Forget about the previous day. (At least the non important/non relevant parts)
  • Look at the calendar and plan well for the new day. (Meetings, people, goals)
  • Take one small step towards achieving our dream.
  • In case we don’t have a dream, then take a step towards dreaming a dream.
  • Promise to live boldly and freely, in spite of any tough circumstances and/or people.
  • Recognize, acknowledge and plan to improve our own weaknesses.
  • Forgive people and get rid of all grudges from yesterday.
  • Forgive yourself.
  • Appreciate yourself for being ‘you’.
  • Work harder, even if it is not acknowledged or appreciated. (Acceptance is not always available)
  • Do not get disgruntled by failure at all.
  • Thank life and god for what we have got so far!

It’s really simple if ‘all of the above’ becomes a practice. It becomes extremely tough if these habits are not a part of our routine.

I heard that ‘Each moment is a gift and that’s why we call is present’.
….So, let’s be ready to start a new day and a new life, each day!

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