If you don’t get what you want…..

If you don’t get what you want….it’s quite possible you may not want what you get.

Here’s a small example – When you go to the market to buy a table cloth but buy a table runner instead, since the table cloth was not available, it is quite possible you may not ‘want’ the table runner later down the line.

Similarly, in life, if you don’t get what you want… you may later not ‘want’ what you get. That is why it becomes so essential to know what you want and then get it.

Once you are sure of your wants, goals, desires and are certain about them, you settle for nothing less.

Imagine at the end of life, if someone asks you, “Did you get all/most of what you wanted from life?” , what will be your answer? What will be your answer to this question today?

Clarity of thought is very essential as it defines your goals, your path in life. If you are unsure of what you want, you can very easily oscillate towards something else.

How many people in this world actually pursue the career they want to pursue? How many people follow their passion?
They may still be happy and wealthy with what ever they have, but is it what they really wanted?

I read recently that ‘Instead of focusing on your to do list, focus on your to be list’. What do you ‘want’ to be?

Once you are sure, pursue it so hard that you do not settle for anything less.

If YOU don’t get what you want, YOU may not want what you get. Create your life.

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