Daily Archives: October 20, 2012

Deal with Pain (asap)

Pain in any form (physical or mental) is not good for our body and our life. It is important to deal with pain as soon as possible, but before that, it is even more important to recognize the pain in our lives.

If some activities, things or people have given us pain, they are bound to give us pain again. There are no ifs and buts to it. However, a lot of us expect things to change and believe that we can live with pain. That’s an incorrect notion.

I have also realized that pain if not controlled, always grows bigger. At no point, does it get smaller.

For example, many people ignore small things about their health. When those issues turn into big pain areas, that’s when they actually take action. If we deal with a problem when it is small, we can stop it from getting big.

Our body is the center of ‘our universe’. We hurt ourselves many times by letting other things hurt us.

Pain can be physical or mental. If someone puts us down or makes us feel, we are not capable enough, we are pained. If someone does not understand us or makes fun of us, that is pain too.

There was a little girl. When she used to go to school, people would always make fun of her. They criticized her habits and her way of thinking. She never responded back. She kept the pain inside her. When she grew big, one of her friends told her that: “When people make fun of you or hurt you, tell them politely that you are being hurt. Tell them in front of others so that they realize their mistake. Deal with the problem before it gets bigger.” She started doing so and her pain was reduced.

How many pain areas of our life are we not dealing with yet? Are we scared to accept and express our emotions? Are we wounded but trying to hide it. Confront your weaknesses and the people who make you feel weak.

Focus on your health and well being. Deal with pain asap and do not let it grow any bigger. Take out time for your mental and physical health. Do not overburden yourself with other things that you forget your own self.

Feel it. Express it. Relieve it. But do not live with it.