Rush ….Traffic Jam!

A beautiful sunset waits for me…
& I am stuck in a traffic jam..
I drive, I think, I stop, I think…
“The sun is setting & here I am…!”

The rush on the road takes me away..
From nature, from freedom, from all that exists..
& I just watch the busy road…
As it turns, as it twists…

Each mile, each hour, seems like a day…
songs in the background seem like noise…
Where is the twittering of the birds?
Where is my calm, Where is my poise?

Rush is the game, that they play
Rush for what, rush for whom?
“Rush” is the word, that they say…
Rush or you are heading for doom!

Rush or you’ll be left behind.
Rush until something you find…
Don’t relax or look around…
Don’t fly, stay on the ground!

…….”Dream” is what I want to live
Somewhere I know, is my paradise
It’s where…”All that I do is right”
That place has no hues or cries!

I need to go & catch that dream..
Else, it will…just fade away
The dream should be “my reality”!
One day, some day or “Just today”!

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