Daily Archives: October 5, 2012


What makes me better? What makes me best?
Am I any different from all the rest?
Who takes this decision? Who can judge us all?
How big is he?…or is he too small?
Encourage me so I can do better tomorrow
Every other comparison, fills me with sorrow
Let me do, what, I can do best
Why are you competing, this is not a test
today we may be good, but tomorrow’s yet to come
differences don’t matter, what matters is the sum
Jump into the ocean, swim against the flow
But we will remain “droplets”, where ever we go….

A better plan….

Give me a chance to be born again
This time my life won’t go in vain
I’ll do all that, I couldn’t do this time
I want to sing, an absolutely new rhyme
I want to believe, I can be a better soul
I can do more good, like never before
I can smile more often and cry a little less
I want to play other games, like tennis and chess
Its not too tough, I know I can
Please give me another life, I have a better plan….