Daily Archives: October 1, 2012

Little Moments of Life….

Life is beautiful……
When a baby opens his eyes for the very first time…
When a little kid … sings a nursery rhyme….
When parents pack your lunch for school….
When having fun is the only rule….
When doing homework gets you good grades….
When stamps, stickers, chocolates are the trades….
When one day you hear a beautiful song….
When everything is right and nothing goes wrong….
When you go for many fun trips with friends….
When laughter never seems to end….
When you buy new clothes and flaunt them around….
When you lose something and suddenly it’s found….
When music plays in your ears all day….
When the sun rises and spreads its rays.…
When first day of college seems so cool.…
When you read a nice book, next to a pool…
When you take a drive in your new car….
When you make a wish on a shooting star….
When movies seem to connect with your life….
When you dream of your husband or wife….
When you fall… in and out… of love….
When you “believe” in the god above….
When you get hired for your very first job….
When you pay your bills and then you sob….
When the moonlit sky brings new dreams….
“Life is very pretty each moment”…it seems….
When you thank god for everything you got….
When you think “life really gave you a lot”….
Flocks of birds, pink blue sky….
I think of all above…. and wonder why….
Why do we have so many complaints?
Why negative thoughts ….arise in our brains…
Let’s live life…. With joy and grace…
Love this world…it is the best place.

Ego stops you from…. “Growing”….

Think about a kid who is adamant and does not listen to his parents at all.

Think about a husband who doesn’t respect or care enough for his wife or family.

Think about two co workers having a conflict about who is right.

Think about a person who is not willing to receive new ideas or suggestions.

We all can run into difficult situations with other people. We may say…some people have a huge ego. We may even say…we don’t get along with those people, because of their ego.

We ourselves sometimes carry a huge ego over little things.

Now think of it this way…

Name a person who has traveled to all countries of the world, knows all languages, all cultures, all scientific, geographic and theoretical facts that exist for every entity in the world. Name a person who is “liked by everyone” in the entire world.

“Such a person does not exist and can probably never exist.”

Nobody knows “everything”. We all have scope for learning and growing. We all CAN learn a little more than what we know today. We have limited time (life) to get unlimited knowledge.

Then, What’s the point of having any ego? What can we possibly be proud of or egoistic about?

Are we proud of the incomplete knowledge that we have? Are we proud of being liked by a few people in the world? Are we egoistic about knowing more than others? ….knowing more than everyone on the planet?

Think….. what kind of thoughts “ego” feeds in your mind. Think if ego “helps” in any way. Think if being “humble” is all that matters.

Ego stops you from learning, growing, achieving because it gives you the misconception that you are right, “always” and that “you” know more than others.

Don’t let ego stop you from growing. It’s not worth it!
LET GO of EGO…. 

Quality of Life!

Being a daughter, sister and wife
All I ask for is… Quality of Life
Peace and freedom, love and hope
Life’s trials with strength to cope
Beautiful moments of learning and fun
A world… that says…”We are one”
A decent career and food to survive
All I ask for is … Quality of Life
Who knows how long we are here?
How can we live with violence & fear…?
Towards “unity”, Can we not strive?
All I ask for is…Quality of Life.
Greed for money…Struggle for fame
…life is just a temporary game
Cherish each moment, until we are alive.
All I ask for is…Quality of Life. “