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I’ve read that “people play roles in our lives”. At one time, I used to strongly believe in this. Probably when I was in school or college, I believed that people played roles in my life. Somehow, I don’t believe in it now.

I feel, “we” choose who we want to have in our life and we ourselves decide the role they are going to play.

We sometimes don’t let people play the role they want to play. At other times, we even meet people who don’t essentially play any roles in our lives.

As life moves on, we are required to transition to the practical side of life. (Bills, Grocery, work , family needs, money) It becomes necessary to deal with these things. No matter how hard you try to run away from them. We lose touch with friends. Everyone moves on, doing their own chores.

How does the role play fit in our life then? Are these temporary roles? People who used to very important at one point of time, may not be so important today. How do we measure the importance of a role? Is it the number of times we talk to them, call them, miss them? Is it the effect they have on our lives? Or is it the fact that there presence is crucial to our life (At a certain point in time)

“Roles”….this word held a lot of meaning for me at one point. Today, it doesn’t.

Today, I identify with only one role. The role that I have played in my life. The paths that I have taken at various points in life. The role that I would like to play in my life in future.

I believe in God and Destiny. I don’t know if god writes our “roles” or gives us the choice to write our role ourselves. I don’t know if he checks like a movie director, “Would he/she be comfortable with the role I am giving him/her?”

Sometimes, we don’t even know what impact our role will have on other people’s lives. Its not transparent. Its hidden. The only thing we can be sure of knowing is: What role did I play in my life and how it impacted me?

Experiment with roles….give yourself the role of an artist, a teacher, a musician, a lover, a singer, a sports person, a partner, a parent, a child, a philosopher….. See which role you fit in best…and then PLAY THAT ROLE! Since you play that best, it will have maximum impact on your life and other people’s lives. That’s all you can and should identify with.

You don’t have to play every role perfectly. But try to play at least one role perfectly. All roles that you play may be small roles but they ultimately do add to the bigger picture.

Don’t worry about who/what else is impacted by your role. As long as you know you are playing the best role you can! That makes your life worth it!… That role WILL surely make you happy.

Follow your Passion

Having a passion is one thing, but pursuing a passion is a much bigger thing. You pursue what you dream of. You pursue it because you believe in it. It’s something that drives you to do better. It can run in your blood vessels and increase your blood flow. It makes you nervous and it also makes you happy. All of us have passions. Some of us just fail to realize them. Nothing can stop us except we ourselves. Follow your passion. Run after it so hard that you just catch your dream in your hand. It will shine like a pearl, a miracle, a blessing in your hand.

…..You have to make time for your passion. You do not know where you will land. It may be no where or it may be somewhere. Stop worrying about failures. Stop worrying about what others may think. Do what you think is right for your dream.

Stumble, fall, get up, fall again, rise……but dont give up.

Do a little good – You’re good… Do a lot of good – You’re foolish!

I was heading to office this morning in my car. A couple of cars were trying to get into the lane I was in. I stopped and gave way to them. Suddenly, a third car also came and asked for way. I waved and let it go ahead of me too…! However, the person behind me honked 🙂 …which meant that he was saying…”How many more cars will you give way to?”

It was funny how I felt ! I had a smile on my face thinking about everything. I was trying to be good and it was ok to some extent but when I tried to be too good to a few people, the other people got upset.

Lesson Learned: Measure how much good you do. Be good to all to some extent. But…dont be so good…that you forget yourself and others.

Be a little selfish – not for yourself but for people who are affected by you – Family, friends, relatives or the person in the car behind you! lol.. 🙂

A beautiful sunset….!

Peace, contentment, relaxation….these are the words that come to my mind, when I think of a sunset. Close your eyes and imagine the pink, orange, dark blue sky….its various shades…its various colors…. How beautifully it unfolds itself….how peacefully it tells us that the day has come to an end. Its time to relax and be content. We have done all that we could do today. Tomorrow will be another day…For now…enjoy the contentment. Birds fly back to their nests…just like we drive back home to our families… We work hard during the day….because we want to be content and happy. Its important to feel that way….its important to recharge yourself for another day. When the sun rises tomorrow, it will ask us to get up and get to work again.

….. When the ‘setting sun’ reflects on the water…. it loses its heat…its warmth….and becomes a part of crystal pure water….
As if …it wants to get absorbed in the water… its like a beautiful union….warm and cold…….mesmerizingly beautiful.

Why can’t the sun shine all the time… why does it set?

Why can’t we work all the time? … Why do we need rest, peace, contentment?

What happens when we don’t rest…when we are not content and happy at the end of the day?

What happens when we do not give up our ego, emotions, fears, discontentment, anxieties and …carry the heat from one day to another day? Can we not dissolve ourselves….just like the sun dissolves itself in water?

Can we not be like the shining sun during the day and the moonlit water during the night?.